AVANTEK 10-Year Lifetime Smoke Detector Fire Alarm with Photoelectric Sensor

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The AVANTEK Smoke & Fire Alarm with a state-of-the-art photoelectric sensor reacts quickly to fires in your home and protects your family against deadly threats. 

Reliable Performance 

The photoelectric sensor of this AVANTEK Smoke Alarm is particularly sensitive at detecting slowly developing fires which may smolder for hours before bursting into flames. Sources of these fires include cigarettes burning in couches or bedding. However, this smoke alarm also provides timely detection of fast, flaming fires that consume combustible materials rapidly and spread quickly, such as those caused by flammable liquids or paper burning in a waste container. 

Please note that this smoke alarm does not sense heat, flames, carbon monoxide or other hazardous gas. 

Convenient Use 

The LED indicator on this smoke alarm flashes every 53 seconds in the standby condition. When it detects smoke, the alarm sounds with a volume of up to 85 dB to alert all household members. You may silence the alarm by pressing the test button when non-emergency smoke causes nuisance alerts. The alarm will also automatically reset when the hazardous conditions has passed. 

10-Year Lifetime 

Equipped with a built-in lithium-ion battery, this smoke alarm boasts a remarkable lifetime of up to 10 years in the standby condition, providing long-lasting protection for your family and home. The alarm beeps every 40 seconds when the battery needs replacing. 

Easy Installation 

The smoke alarm comes with a mounting bracket, 2 screws and 2 anchor plugs, and can be easily installed in houses, apartments, mobile homes and dormitory rooms. We recommend that the alarm should be located between sleeping areas and potential sources of fires such as living room and kitchens.


Seems OK, but it's really hard to say how it will perform
I am not giving this 5 stars simply because I don't know how well it will perform in a real emergency, nor if the promise of 10 year battery life is true.The unit was easy to fit, seems to be well enough made, and the instructions are good.It tests out OK with the test button. Been up for several days and no false alarms. Hard to say much more!

jac "whippet girl"

Looks good though not yet proven to be effective.
I have given this neat little smoke detector 4 stars instead of 5 only because so far I have had no opportunity to find out how sensitive it is and how well it works -also how easy it is to shut off if it goes off when I burn the toast!! On pressing the test button, it has a satisfactorily loud alarmIt is a small and unobtrusive gadget that was easy to install and is said to last 10 years with its built-in battery. This is another reason I can only give 4 stars -maybe in 10 years I'll come back and add another!!I bought two and am pleased with them -so far.....Service from the company was excellent and I'd certainly buy from them again.

Mr. K. A. Burman

Small but the bees knees.
Brilliant smoke alarm, small and unobtrusive. Installation instructions were clear and easy to follow. Now fitted and working perfectly. Peace of mind at last.


Fitting was easy. How they function in a emergency remains to ...
These are very neat little jobs. On testing they were loud and clear. Fitting was easy. How they function in a emergency remains to be seen. I only hope I never have to experience them!


Compact, long life alarm - just get it
The Avantek Photoelectric smoke alarm is just what you need - it is loud, compact (so unobtrusive) and it has a couple of useful features like tamper proof inserts and false alarm control (handy if you burn the toast).The 10 year life is longer than I am used to (mine lasted for 7 years recently - and they do give up almost to the day) so you won't need to give them constant maintenance, especially as the battery can't be replaced.

D. Elliott

Horses for Courses!
The ‘Avantek Photoelectric Smoke Alarm’ is a superb product that is easy to install, operates in straightforward manner, and requires minimum maintenance. It is a neat unit 3¾ inches diameter and 1½ inches deep and quite unobtrusive. However smoke alarms are not chosen for appearance - it is important for potential users to know something about how smoke alarms function and to select the device suited to their requirements - it is horses for courses!

Uncle Barbar

Great for the loft
Nobody can afford to be without a smoke alarm and it needs to be reliable one. A smoke alarm is useless if the battery has run out. Also if the battery runs out and peeps all through the night this can be pretty annoying. This alarm comes with a 3 V built-in lithium battery which lasts for 10 years. I should mention that the alarm only becomes activated once it is attached to the mounting bracket, so if it arrives and you think the test button it isn't working, this will be the reason. A plus to this type of alarm is that it is photoelectric and they are better at detecting slow, smouldering fires such as those from a lit cigarette. Also, if the alarm should go off accidentally when you have burnt your toast, you can press the test button to switch it off. This is a lot easier than trying to find a piece of stiff card to wave away the smoke.

Bobby Smith

Smoke on the water...
This is a nice and loud smoke alarm that comes with a built-in lithium-ion battery (this is handy as smoke alarms can sometimes be tricky to insert batteries into). I personally found it easy to install, as it was merely taking the place of another, somewhat antiquated by comparison, smoke alarm. However, even if you had to start from scratch this should be easy to affix to the ceiling. The device itself is very loud, which may or not be a positive - I say that as I would prefer one to be a tad quieter for when it is set off accidentally when toasting bread, for example. Mind you, when all is said and done, the main purpose of a smoke alarm is to wake you up and save your life, so it is probably better to err on the side of caution. Of course, I have not yet had a fire, but it did spring into life when I purposely let smoke into the hallway, where I have positioned my product. All in all, this is a handy device to have and possibly a life-saving essential.