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AVANTEK AR53 50-Mile Range Amplified Digital Indoor TV HDTV Antenna

Product Specification:
Size:   10.6 x 8.5 x 3.4 inches Weight:   1.8 pounds
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Say goodbye to your monthly cable or satellite bills! Built with the cutting edge technology, this revolutionary AVANTEK HDTV Antenna picks up and amplifies the over-the-air digital TV signals from nearby broadcast towers, and enables you to watch your favorite shows in full 1080p HD for free. 
Outstanding Reception 
This HDTV antenna features an AC powered amplifier that boasts a remarkable gain of 25 dB to allow the weakest signals to be received. The omni-directional range of reception reaches up to 50 miles to pull in popular national and local TV programs: news, weather, sports, and more! 
Please note that network availability varies significantly based on your geographical location, and that the actual antenna reception depends on a variety of factors, including its distance from the TV broadcast towers,
 the local terrain and your home surroundings. 
Superb Picture Quality 
This HDTV antenna couples perfectly with the over-the-air broadcast signals and delivers an excellent 1080p picture quality to any digital television.
 The amplifier filters out cellular and FM signals and suppresses RF noises to provide the best TV-watching experience. 
Easy Installation & Setup 
This antenna can be installed in 3 simple steps! Just connect the coaxial cables and AC adapter, position the antenna, scan for channels on your TV, and enjoy! 
Q: How can I scan for channels on the TV? 
A: Turn on your digital TV. Select the "Antenna Mode" or "Air Mode" in the setup menu. Set the TV to scan for channels. This function may be listed as auto-program, auto-scan, channel search or channel scan. Please refer to the manual of your TV for further instructions.


bulldogspal "elle"

Like it, It has long Rabbit ears that telescope
clear picture without paying for satellite service. The light on the back does not come on until the gain switch is activated. At first I was concerned that the power on the unit didn't work. But it did with the switch activated. Like it, It has long Rabbit ears that telescope. Basic plug and go. It works.

Shane R.

Avantek Review.
Over all two thumbs up and 5 stars.
Easy to setup, plug mains power in, connect the aerial cable into the tv, use your tv menu system to scan for tv channels and store / save the channels and away you go

Jon Van Sickle 

The BEST HD Digital TV Receiver on the market HANDS DOWN!!!
The AVANTEK AR53 Antenna is the best solution for picking up local tv stations. Equipped with a built in amplfier and dual extendable antennas, this receiver can meet your needs with ease and clarity. It is very easy to setup and requires little know-how of electronics to setup. Simply plug the power cord into the wall and plug the standard antenna cord into the AUX port on your HD-capable tv and you are ready to go.


A real find. Succeeds where MANY have failed.
This aerial obtains EASILY THE BEST RECEPTION out of everything I've tried so far. I get everything apart from Dave, ITV3 and some obscure channels I'm not interested in anyway.

Jane R.

Will do pull in 40 mile away channels
It might do 25 miles at best so not what I wanted, won't pull in a channel from 40 miles away. Also it has a very small non detachable cord from the anteena to the tv.


Five Stars
100% satisfied!!